Preview Trailer: Optronica 2007

Thu 22.02.2007

Optronica: The name sounds great as it trips from the lips and the spectacular creativity of all involved seems to know no bounds.

Yes, presented by the media savvy artists and producers Addictive TV in collaboration with the British Film Institute (BFI) and curators Cinefeel, Optronica is the acclaimed festival celebrating live cinema and the essence of audio-visual expression. In short, if you want to get submerged in ‘visual music’, and catch plenty of technological cool and especially DVJ action, it’s a five-day long sensory overload and a hot place to be this March 14th - 18th. Optronica takes place in London, and makes use of the biggest screen in the UK, if not Europe, at the IMAX cinema in Waterloo.

The line-up, meanwhile, is also of epic proportions, featuring world premieres and innovative performances from a host of international artists, including Trevor Jackson, Deakin & Franglen aka Lemon Jelly, film director turned VJ performer Peter Greenaway, Rechenzentrum, Speedy J, Ryoichi Kurokawa, VJ Anyone & Motorboy and even a World Cinema remix set from hosts Addictive TV.
What’s more, it’s rumoured that Addictive TV will perform a very special club set together with Gardner Post and Brian Kane of the pioneering audio/video cut 'n' scratch group EBN during the closing party at the ICA!

Enjoy the Optronica preview above, and find out more at: