Now We Know The Truth - Joachim Garraud Part 1

Mon 03.05.2010

Joachim Garraud has been a firm favourite of DJsounds for many years, with us right from the start. We have republished some of his amazing clips that he produced as part of his gigantic podcast. We finally pinned the original space invader down and got him to spill the beans.

In this clip he tells us why he has chosen space invaders as his personal theme and about his unique new DVJ show. Joachim Garraud was born in Nantes in September 1968 and was a classically trained musician before he decided to get involved in the club scene and follow his passion, at the opposite end of the musical scale, for the electronic scene.

He began to DJ in Paris in 1989, just as the rave scene was beginning to kick off. The club was called Boy and it led him into writing and producing with France's first radio station devoted to dance, Maxximum.

In 1991, Joachim appeared at the first rave in Moscow, which saw over 300,000 people partying at the Youri Gagarine Party. He then DJ'ed at Queen Club in Paris for four years between 1993 and 1997. Joachim craved the buzz he got when playing in front of that enormous crowd, and he managed to do it again by playing in front of a gigantic 2.4 billion TV viewers in 1999, the turn of the millennium, alongside no other than Jean-Michel Jarre. This monumental performance allowed him to become a digital pioneer and remix and produce artists with Jean-Charles Carre, such as Jean Michel-Jarre himself, David Bowie, and Kylie Minogue to name but a few.

He shares the label, Gumprod, with David Guetta and Jean-Charles Carre. His work with Guetta includes co-writing his 'Just a Little More Love' album (featuring the hit 'Love, Don't Let Me Go' which sold over half a million copies in France alone). Joachim and David created the 'F*** Me I'm Famous' label in 2005 and Joachim has a double gold disc for his work on 'Guetta Blaster' which sold over 200,000 copies in France.

He had a Grammy nomination with Mr Guetta for the best remix of the year in 2006 and has been ranked 1st and 2nd in the iTunes Podcast chart in France. At the end of 2006, Joachim was the first ever French DJ to play at Berlin's Love Parade in front of over a million people. He has a multitude of best DJ awards to his name and is currently ranked at number 36 in DJ Mag's Top 100.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 coming shortly where Joachim recounts how things have changed and how he got started, in his own words... See Joachim live at: May 08, 2010 Joachim Live @ Festival Inox, Toulouse (France) May 12, 2010 Joachim Live @ Le Seven, Cambrai (France) May 14, 2010 Joachim Live @ Les Planches, Deauville (France) May 15, 2010 Joachim Live @ Plage Palm Beach, Cannes, Cannes (France) May 19, 2010 Joachim Live @ VIP Room, Cannes (France) May 21, 2010 Joachim Live @ Ministry of Sound, London (United Kingdom) May 23, 2010 Joachim Live @ Sundance Festival, Montreux (Switzerland) May 26, 2010 Joachim Live @ White, Luxembourg (Luxembourg) May 29, 2010 Joachim Live @ Via Notte, Porto Vecchio (France) June 04, 2010 Dim Mak OZ Tour/We Love Sounds Festival, Brisbane (Australia) June 05, 2010 Dim Mak OZ Tour, Perth (Australia) June 06, 2010 Dim Mak OZ Tour, Canberra (Australia) June 18, 2010 Joachim Live @ Le Mistral, Aix en Provence, Aix en Provence (France) June 25, 2010 Joachim Live @ Pop Plage, Annecy, Annecy (France) June 26, 2010 Joachim Live @ Globul, Belle (Switzerland) July 03, 2010 Inox Park, Paris (France) July 09, 2010 Joachim Live @ Bora Bora, Tunis (Tunisia) August 07, 2010 Joachim Live @ Lollapalooza, Chicago (USA) August 20, 2010 Joachim Live @ Frequency Festival, Vienna (Austria) August 28, 2010 Joachim Live @ SW4 Festival, London (United Kingdom)