Thu 05.05.2011

Known to his friends as Iason, Dutchman Mason chats in the garden of The Vibe Bar in Brick Lane, London to DJsounds about his new album "They are among us" and the myriad of guest artists that he has collaborated with. Roisin Murphy, Aqualung, and Run DMC all perform on the long-player, excerpts of which can be heard in the background here.

In the clip Mason plays the Bar at the Ministry of Sound for The Gallery, launching his album in the UK. This was a DJ set where Iason played on the CDJ-2000s but he has a huge live tour planned with the other half of Mason - Coen Berrier to support the album with all the normal synced up audio and visuals plus a gigantic monkey!

You thought it, we asked it... life after his 2006 global hit Exceeder....