How to DJ: Episode 2 – The Next Level With Phil K (Part 3 of 9)

Sun 10.05.2009

In this clip (part 3 of Episode 2 in the How to DJ series) the ultra-experienced Australian DJ Phil K gives up some valuable tips on playing your first gig in a club. From dealing with nerves before your set and preparing mentally and physically for what tracks you will play out on the night, to making a good impression on the crowd and promoters. The man behind such acclaimed mixes as Balance 004, Y4k, and The Therapy Sessions, and such production wonders as ‘Burma’ and Because We Can (with Luke Chable as Lostep) shares his DJ tips from the top. Also look out for Episode 3 in the How to DJ series, which will star James Zabiela, coming soon to… How to DJ is produced by and Ministry of Sound TV. Words: LRC