Wally Lopez in Ibiza - Part 2

Fri 13.08.2010

Welcome to Part 2 of our Wally Lopez in Ibiza series.  This time we caught up with him between slots in his busy schedule, just after he'd been introduced to the new DJM-2000 and just before his radio show on Ibiza Global Radio, where we had a little chat in the studio.

He and Mel Sutton had a good old natter about his life on the radio (literally - he's been on the radio for over 20 years and he's only 34!) and why it's so important to him as a means of communicating to the public.  

In Part 1, we saw Wally at Space before he played at his residency - you can watch it here:  www.djsounds.com/08/06/wally-lopez-ibiza-part-1

In Part 3, see Wally in a different location...