Kappa FuturFestival - Torino with Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Kölsch and Joseph Capriati

Mon 21.08.2017

We caught up with Carl Cox, Joseph Capriati, Kolsch and Fatboy Slim at the Kappa FuturFestival daytime festival in Turin where the Italians - and 47+ other nations! - raved relentlessly in sweltering temperatures above 30 degrees over two days, within those infamous awe inspiring industrial structures.

Learn the origins of this renowned festival and its place among the hearts of the Italians and the DJs that play there.


Domino (Matador Remix) - Oxia // Sapiens - http://bit.ly/2lN5sJ9
Prodigious - Phutek // Intec Digital - http://bit.ly/2uhUH7g
Midnight Rambler - Lollino // Hush Recordz - http://bit.ly/2vzrBR2