Warung at Privilege

Thu 09.09.2010

DJsounds' Lorna Cole took her dancing shoes to Warung at Privilege. The night is run by one of Brazil's best known beach clubs of the same name, which is situated in the Ibiza of Brazil, Florianopolis. Lorna had a chat with Ulli Roger, the promoter of the night, who said he wanted to bring a slice of Brazil to Ibiza and told her lots of inside info, including the set-up in the booth and the big names who have played and are playing over the season. She spoke to resident DJ, JP Chronic, who let her into a little secret - it's not as glamorous as it sounds; as well as Andrew Grant from Baracca Records, who waxed lyrical about the club and told us his favourite room to play there. Finally, Lorna went backstage with Anthony Pappa and Danny Howells after they played back-to-back. They spoke about what they think of the Ibiza crowd - all very complimentary we assure you!