ADE 2010 - 5k - Sander Kleinenberg at Melkweg

Mon 08.11.2010

Kicking off our 2010 Amsterdam Dance Event coverage we have DVJ wizard Sander Kleinenberg. When we spoke to Kleinenberg (Dutch for Little Mountain - can you see the link now?) he was nervous, very nervous in fact because after much anticipation and a frustratingly long wait he is releasing his debut artist album: 5k.

After telling us about his fondness for ADE and the proximity of the conference to his bed, Sander talks lucidly of his journey with the album, its origins and his desires.

One of the original pioneers of the DVJs Sander has been touring his unique video show relentlessly since their launch in 2004. He tells us now of his new found love for the CDJ-2000 and the difference between lugging around tons of vinyl and a USB key.

How does Sander unwind - watch and find out!